Publishers: Empower Conscious Choices & Increase Conversion with Earthmark

Jul 13, 2023
Written by CJ

Sustainability is becoming more and more important to consumers. According to eMarketer, at least 45% of global shoppers are interested in shifting to brands that focus on circular and sustainable practices. 

One of the biggest hurdles to making more conscious choices? The effort it takes to verify sustainability claims. 

Today, it's easy for consumers to base shopping decisions on values like trust and popularity. With Earthmark, they gain trusted insight and confidence that allow them to evaluate environmental performance and make choices with sustainability in mind.


B2C Platforms Struggle to Communicate Sustainability to Users

It can feel nearly impossible to cut through the confusion of greenwashing, eco-labels, and carbon jargon to understand the true impact a brand has (good or bad!) on the environment. A recent global survey from Dentsu and Microsoft found that 42% of people surveyed wanted “clear, comparable information” on the carbon footprint of products and advertising, and 34% of respondents said they look for independent auditing to validate green claims.

Adding environmental scores for brands into places where people already browse, shop, compare, and spend just makes sense, which is why we’re thrilled to announce our newest strategic partnership with ClimateTech company, Earthmark—plus, an exclusive discount for CJ publishers.


Who is Earthmark and what do they do?

Earthmark is on a mission to empower conscious decision-making for consumers worldwide through clear, comparable environmental data. They aggregate global data from verified, trusted, and published sources and translate it into a single environmental score. They then partner with third-party platforms (like CJ publishers!) to plug their rating system into existing customer journeys. 

Depicted as a simple five-leaf rating from 0-5, a brand’s Earthmark shows how they’re performing from an environmental perspective. A one-leaf rating represents businesses that are operating “as usual” with minimal to no effort to mitigate climate change, while a five-leaf rating represents businesses that are optimizing positive impacts through regenerative business practices.


Earthmark’s tools search the vast data pool of industry-leading certifications and third-party verified databases to ensure the result they present is the latest, most trustworthy, and robust information available. They consider the industry and size of a business, current and future committed environmental performance (i.e. emissions, carbon intensity, and net-zero targets), as well as select third-party certifications to get an accurate, representative view.


Publishers Can Partner with Earthmark through CJ

Partnering with Earthmark allows you to integrate environmental performance into your platform(s), empower your customers to make informed decisions, and improve real business metrics like conversions, average order value, and bounce rates. Enjoy discounted rates as a valued CJ partner when you sign up through us.


Here’s how it works: 

  1. Head to CJ x Earthmark to provide your information (including your CJ CID)
  2. Earthmark will get in touch with next steps
  3. Once everything is final, API access makes it easy to spotlight brands’ environmental performance across your platform(s)!

Questions? Reach out to


We couldn’t be more excited to join forces with Earthmark to offer this opportunity to CJ publishers and empower consumers to make more conscious choices.

Not yet a CJ publisher? Sign up at to partner with the world’s best brands.

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