On the Road Again: FinCon in New Orleans

Oct 1, 2014
Written by Juliana S.

CJ Affiliate returned to FinCon in full force this year, with a larger team and expo presence. Three days packed with excellent, action-oriented sessions, speed networking, and community events left the team brimming with new publisher relationships, compelling data, and plenty of inspiration for future conferences. Below are a few highlights:

  • Not “just” a digital author: attending bloggers were freelance journalists, published authors, radio and podcast hosts – some of whom made TV appearances. Many financial bloggers started their sites as a way to support their CPA and personal financial planning clients, and continue to nurture a sense of community through digital engagement (and beyond the blogger world) as their audience grows.

  • Dedication to your audience: every session emphasized the value of providing genuine, accurate content to a trusting readership community. Deep Link Automation was embraced with excitement as a way to monetize archived content while staying true and loyal to the products and services bloggers recommend out of genuine trust and research.

  • Growth of social media: aside from podcasting and tweeting, the financial community is penetrating Pinterest (3rd largest social platform) as a way to visually engage its 70 million worldwide users.


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