Scouting Advertisers for a Successful Season

Feb 9, 2016
Written by Martina Young

As a member of the Publisher Development team, I am always searching for new advertisers to recommend to publishers. Like a baseball scout looking to recruit new talent, there are two places in the CJ Account Manager where I know I can find new opportunities for my publishers: the Homepage Dashboard and the Advertisers Tab.

Read on to see why you too should scout these locations for the next hot advertiser to help you go for the big W!

Home Page Dashboard: Find the Newest Advertisers in the Network

Each morning, I check the publisher home page dashboard for new advertisers. Why? Because the dashboard showcases new advertisers within minutes of launch. Program terms appear a short time later along with the ability to apply to the program.

New advertisers make great partners because they understand that affiliate is all about relationships. They are very enthusiastic about finding and engaging with publishers on their first day. If you apply to a newly launched advertiser, you could be their first affiliate within CJ. This both assists the advertiser with their crucial first step in the network, and provides a valuable new merchant for your site—a win-win!

Advertisers Tab: Use Multiple Search Filters

When you first open the Advertisers tab, the default setting of Status > All brings up a list of thousands of prospective partners. Take some time to explore all the options for narrowing your search parameters. You can search by:

  • Advertiser Name: Search advertisers by name; start typing and autofill will bring up matches

  • Keyword: Enter the names of products or brands that you need and find out who sells them

  • Advertiser: Choose from the following: Recommended Advertisers, Deactivated, Mobile Certified Only, New Advertisers Only, Content Advertisers Only, and International Programs

  • Status: Based on an advertiser's relationship status with you (Past, Present, or None)

  • Category: 31 categories from Accessories to Travel

  • Serviceable Area: Where advertisers can ship their products

  • Language: Choose from 35 languages

  • Advertiser's Country: Office locations

  • Geographic Source: List of the best converting advertisers by country

  • Currency: List of advertisers by supported currencies

When looking for new partners, don't limit your search to those with the highest Network Earnings ranks of 4 or 5. Advertisers with rankings through 3 can be profitable if their product or service resonates with your audience. New advertisers aren't ranked until after three months in the network, so take a close look at their program terms to evaluate them.

Q1 is Spring Training

Q1 is a great time to search for new talent and give them a chance to try out for your "team" to see if the partnership works.

Reach out to new merchants now, and you'll set yourself up for success in 2016 with ample time to optimize with your partners for the affiliate version of the World Series—the Q4 shopping season!

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