Share Your Product Feed with Ease with CJ’s Product Import API

Jul 21, 2022
Written by CJ

Our top-notch product and engineering teams know that APIs are the way forward—and we have some great ones!

In 2020, we released our state-of-the-art Product Search API, which standardized product feeds and laid the foundation for intelligent account-level insights and network-level benchmarks that present CJ data in new and actionable ways. It also increased the quality of product-level data and gave us the opportunity to provide you with exciting feed enhancements in the future.

The future is here!


The State-of-the-Art Way to Share Your CJ Shopping Feed

Retail advertisers and agencies can now take advantage of our latest Product Import API, built to enable rapid data transfer between affiliate partners utilizing CJ’s standardized Shopping Feed. This release will bring additional functionality to both retail brands and publishers, change how advertisers modify their catalog, and add increased query functionality for publishers. This API can be used to manage the entire Product Feed cycle—sending in a new feed, adding new items, updating item details, and removing items as necessary.

Here are all of the benefits that come with CJ’s Product Import API:

  • Faster Response Times: Products now take only seconds to process, saving time and improving backend efficiency. Brands will be able to transfer shopping and travel product data to CJ in real-time, making updates available to publishers almost instantaneously.
  • Control and Flexibility: We’ve eliminated the need to send entire shopping product catalogs through our data transfer system to make simple changes. Creating and deleting products or modifying an existing product field can now be completed directly from an advertiser’s shopping feed.
  • Accurate Data and a Seamless End-to-End Experience: Real-time transfers ensure publishers are extracting the most up-to-date product attributes including accurate pricing and promotional offers.
  • Added Summary View in CJ’s Product Search: Our Product Search API has been enhanced to provide a summary of shopping product feeds for both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can use this query feature to access all their product feeds information in a summary view. This feature is especially useful for publishers who can now view a list of all available product feeds from multiple advertisers.

While advertisers still have the option to transfer their product feeds through our data transfer system, CJ’s API will now be the recommended and preferred way of receiving all shopping feed product updates, regardless of size.


CJ’s Developer Portal 

Find new documentation regarding our latest launches and enhancements in our Developer Portal:

You can also visit our Developer Portal to find everything from website integration and data import documentation, to detailed GraphQL API references.


Stay tuned for even more updates on new additions to our APIs, and contact us if there’s an API you’d like to see!

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