Treat Yourself to Trainings at CJU23

Aug 23, 2023
Written by CJ

If sessions are the content main course of CJU, then the Discovery Lab is the snack drawer overflowing with goodies and fun-size treats 🍓🍪🍿. Pop into the Discovery Lab for a 20-minute training (or two!) presented by CJ experts and partners.

We’ve created trainings on topics we know you care about: influencer marketing, incrementality, coupon strategies, CJ’s latest tools, and more! New for this year: our series of live demos, “CJ in Action!”. Join CJ experts in the Whiz Kid and Virtuoso Learning Bars to get a tour of our newest tools, solutions, and platform enhancements and get all of your questions answered.

Check out the list below to see a selection of what’s in store this year in the Discovery Lab and check out the CJU23 Agenda for more info.

Note: The Discovery Lab has limited seating! Trainings and demos are first come, first served. Reserve your seat and view all learning opportunities in the CJ Universe or CJU23 App (iPhone, Android) today!


Influencer Marketing

A Close Look at the Effectiveness of Influencer Campaigns in the Performance Channel
This training explores the effectiveness of influencer marketing within the affiliate ecosystem. Attendees will learn how influencer data is currently gathered through a combination of CJ and Creator IQ (CIQ) systems, and how teams create strategies by using reports such as Cross Channel Journey found in Advanced Analysis. Attendees will also learn about an influencer-specific solution in development that combines the power of CJ and CIQ data together to allow clients direct insight into influencer activity at the campaign level. Be the first to see our new solution at work with the different insights and strategies that teams may capitalize on to assist with program growth.

Consciously Connecting with Multicultural Audiences in Your Influencer Strategy
Uncover the untapped potential that comes from engaging new and diverse audiences with your brand story and products. This training presents the market opportunity for brands to work with content creators to connect with multicultural audiences and explores the interplay between creativity and representation, and how it translates into more meaningful and lasting audience relationships.


Strategy & Best Practices

Mastering a Comprehensive Affiliate Coupon Strategy
What does your coupon strategy look like in 2023? Are you fully harnessing the power of a comprehensive coupon strategy to meet your business goals and amplify your marketing efforts? Join us for an insightful presentation where you’ll discover how to effectively leverage the promotional power of coupons through CJ solutions.

Why B2B Marketing is the Next Big Thing in Affiliate
Affiliate marketers are sitting on a $9B opportunity in a space whose room for growth is arguably “unmatched anywhere”, according to eMarketer. Luckily, the affiliate channel has a lot to offer the B2B buyer who is younger than ever before, and craving information and guidance along their purchase journey. CJ and Autodesk have teamed up for this special presentation that gives a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to thrive as a B2B brand in the affiliate channel and delivers actionable advice that publishers, across verticals, can take to attract the B2B shopper to their sites.

From Left Out to Checkout: Reaching (and Converting) Today’s Mobile Consumers
In today's highly connected world, shoppers are increasingly turning to mobile to make their purchases. Mobile rewards programs can be a great way to increase revenue and consumer motivation to shop online. But what's the best path to implementation when the mobile shopping ecosystem is so fragmented and complex?


Channel Value

Decoding Incrementality: Best Practices for Affiliate Channel Discussions
If talking about the incrementality of the affiliate channel makes you want to run for the exits, take heart and attend this training! Digital marketing’s most persistent topic is more topical than ever, thanks to major shifts in attribution platforms like Google Analytics and the rise of media mix modeling, and it’s possible now to use CJ program data to decode how affiliate sales contribute to a business’s overall goals. This training introduces attendees to the full suite of CJ reports that advertisers can leverage to assess incrementality at the channel level, customer value, and across media placements. In addition, you will be introduced to the myriad ways that incrementality can be measured and be introduced to practical ways to proactively prepare for answering incrementality questions the next time they come up.

How to Unleash the Power of Affiliate Marketing across Channels
While affiliate has been around for decades, the landscape has continuously evolved to include smarter tech, enhanced data insights, and a broader scope of partners. In today’s environment, we’re challenging the perception that affiliate is just a channel, but rather the channel of channels. Possibilities for partnerships that solve a variety of channel needs are truly endless. Join us to dive into detailed ways you can expand your impact within your organization through channel amplification.


CJ Tech & Solutions

Unlocking Cross Channel Insights with Automated Channel Detection
A must-attend! Join us as we unveil our revolutionary enhancement of automated Channel Detection. This breakthrough enables advertisers with CJ’s universal tag full access to Cross Channel Journey Insights without needing the referring channel parameter integrated. Cross Channel Journey enables insight into the full picture of shopping journeys across marketing channels.

From Engagement to Expansion: Exploring How Leads Can Drive CRM Growth
There has never been more of a focus on moving away from a reliance on third-party cookies and leaning in on your owned, qualified, and engaged, first-party leads. CJ is helping to solve this need with CJ Leads, a pay-for-performance leads solution that delivers it all: campaign strategy, execution, measurement, publisher payments, and brand safety.

Benchmarks 101: How to Build Program Strategies with CJ’s Benchmarking Reports
This training explores the capability of competitive benchmarking in Advanced Analysis and how clients and teams can utilize the tool to define strategies for their programs. The competitor benchmarking tool allows clients to select different client categories against which they can directly benchmark. This allows for better context as to where the client’s program stands in comparison with the chosen category. Clients may also break out the data by partner classification, promotional model, customer country, device type, and individual partners so as to dive deeper into the data to understand high-performing areas of the program and other opportunities for growth. From this standpoint, clients and teams can craft strategies for how they may position their program in the affiliate space to continue to build upon current success and engage in favorable prospects.

Guardians of Trust: CJ's AI & Machine Learning Approach to Combat Fraud in Your Program
CJ’s Network Quality practice is all about giving our clients confidence in investing in transparent affiliate partnerships that drive real value. A fair playing field where advertisers know how they’re being promoted, and publishers get credit for their hard work is core to our ethos. Learn about our advanced data science with machine learning (AKA artificial intelligence) that has amplified CJ’s already industry-leading, proactive detection and removal of bad actors—like undisclosed promo methods, click theft, and spoofing—so you can focus on quality KPIs and get the utmost value from every marketing dollar.

Empowering Partnerships and Tracking with CJ's Universal Tag
In the face of continued changes in the martech landscape, CJ’s Universal Tag addresses threats to tracking integrity while also enhancing your ability to evaluate and seamlessly launch partnerships.

Future Proofing Publisher Revenue with CJ's Publisher Tracking Solutions
In this training, you will learn about CJ’s tracking solutions for publishers and how, with the right solutions in place, you can protect your affiliate revenue in the ever-changing digital tracking landscape. CJ’s tracking solutions for publishers are evolving with the needs of the performance marketing industry and are focused on ensuring publishers are paid for every conversion they drive. You will hear from our Product Development team about our latest tracking offerings for publishers, including our newest Publisher Tracking API that will be available in 2024.

How to Manage Media Placements with CJ’s Campaigns Solution
Say goodbye to outdated Excel trackers as we unveil our all-inclusive media management tool. CJ’s Campaigns solution is designed to save you time, create efficiencies, and to forecast your placement performance accurately.

Data-Driven Campaign Management: A Deep Dive into CJ's Innovative Campaigns Solution
Client investment in paid campaigns with partners has grown exponentially over the years. The competition to get your brand front and center with engaged shoppers is fierce. How do you manage it all? How can you ensure you’re always making the best data-driven decisions for campaign investment? CJ’s Campaigns solution is your answer. Come learn how to make the best strategic use of this new innovation from CJ!




Whatever you might have on your schedule this year, we hope that you set aside some time to learn from your affiliate peers and industry thought leaders at CJU23 in Santa Barbara, CA September 11-14, 2023.

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