VIP Influencer Campaigns: Affiliate and Beyond

Jun 29, 2016
Written by Corinne Travis

In a survey fielded to 6,000 content creators, 1,200 consumers, and 150 top brand markets, 31 percent of respondents found blogs to be the online service most likely to influence a purchase1. Let's face it, content publishers, AKA bloggers, have the ear of just about every consumer. 

As an advertiser, this is an invaluable, organic way to reach consumers as they actively search for the products and services influencers are using in fashion, travel, finance, technology, and more. CJ Affiliate recognized this need when we launched the Content Solution, with the VIP Influencer Campaigns as a key component to this suite of tools.

Going Beyond Affiliate

Through CJ's VIP Influencer Campaigns our team of specialists collaborate with Internet Retailer Top 500 brands to facilitate custom content for strategic publishers that goes beyond just paid media. Our campaigns drive sales, traffic, and engagement, as well as enhance brand awareness, and help to establish long-term, valuable relationships between brands and content publishers.

It doesn't stop there.

Most all content publishers promote their content via SEO and social media. This allows for an extended audience over a prolonged period of time. After purchasing a sponsored post, the advertiser is earning additional exposure beyond what they initially paid for (earned media vs. paid media). And since content is often structured to be evergreen, allowing for indefinite reposting and sharing, there is no real end to the potential impressions, engagement, and affiliate sales—ultimately lowering the cost per impressions/engagement over time.


Success Stories

In the year and a half that the VIP Influencer Campaigns has been available, our clients who incorporated this program have seen a great deal of success.

Working with the CJ VIP team has been nothing short of seamless. They have continuously brought us a variety of new influencers for us to work with, have managed each relationship on our behalf and have assisted in producing great content that was on brand. Having the curated content and custom photography has really brought our brand to life from a shopper's perspective, and we have been able to use the photography in our social channels - which has helped show shoppers how to style our products in unique and different ways. As we expand our influencer campaigns, we have been appreciative of how flexible the CJ team has been to work with and the ideas that they continue to bring to the table.

– Marketing Manager, Home Décor Brand

One specialty retailer in particular saw results far beyond expectations:


In the one month they ran the VIP Influencer Campaigns campaign, this specialty retailer saw tremendous growth over the entire previous year:

  • 3595% increase in number of sales

  • 3370% increase in revenue

  • 1157% increase in clicks

  • 700% increase in active relationships

Yet another VIP Influencer Campaigns success story explains how an online design marketplace increased targeted traffic to their website and increased sales 514 percent in one quarter over the entire previous year.

Success Across Industries

From home, to lifestyle, to tech, it's no question that the VIP Influencer Campaigns is providing tremendous added value to both our advertisers and publishers.

If you've used our VIP Influencer Campaigns, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know in the comment section below about your experience. Haven't tried it yet, and wondering if the VIP Influencer Campaigns is a good fit for your company? Contact today for more information.

1: [Technorati Media] — Back to text

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