Apple’s Move to Block Third-Party Cookies in Safari—What Does This Mean for Brands?

Mar 26, 2020
Written by CJ

Earlier this week, Apple announced that their current version of Safari for iOS, macOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.4 will block third-party cookies by default.

This announcement comes in advance of, and in alignment with, Google’s plan to do the same by 2022. We’ve summarized how this move impacts CJ tracking, by integration type, below. Earlier versions of ITP restricted all cookies (first and third-party) to a 24-hour life. This week’s announcement includes a new 7-day limit on local storage.  

What Does this Mean for Clients Who Use Local Storage to Store Data?

Clients storing data, including CJ’s Event ID, in local storage will likely see performance degrade in Safari beyond the 7-day window. CJ’s Browser Adjustment will account for tracking loss through Safari related to cookie-blocking and local storage restrictions.

The Time Has Come for Next-Generation Affiliate Integration

The majority of the network’s participants are protected by CJ’s Cookieless Tracking integrations and Browser Adjustments, which ensure publishers continue to receive commission for browser-affected traffic. Although the effect on the network should be minimal in the near term, Apple’s announcement signals the need for better integrations to future-proof against the next wave of policy changes.

At CJ, we’re committed to developing and delivering innovative solutions to enable data-driven growth in a privacy friendly way. CJ’s Universal Tag offers programs complete tracking, even in light of changes to Apple ITP, Firefox and those planned from Google Chrome. Our next-generation tag will set you up for long-term success in the CJ network by unlocking tracking enhancements like CJ’s Vertical Attributes which power Situational Commissioning, and transaction-level Insights. Additionally, the Universal Tag is the foundation of our future commissioning and reporting innovations.

In summary, here’s what this means:

  • Advertisers that rely solely on tracking cookies will be impacted across all Safari version 13.1+ traffic. For CJ clients who have not upgraded to Cookieless Tracking, Event ID tracking, or our Universal Tag, Browser Adjustments will account for the loss and preserve publisher commissions.
  • Tracking in Safari is limited to 7 days for advertisers who store data in local storage, including CJ’s Event ID. Browser Adjustments will account for the loss and preserve publisher commissions for traffic beyond 7 days.
  • Tracking in Safari is limited to 24 hours for CJ Event ID integrated advertisers who store this value in first-party cookies. Browser Adjustments will account for the loss and preserve publisher commissions for traffic beyond 24 hours.
  • Our Universal Tag solution will offer protection from these policies as well as anticipated browser changes. Browser Adjustments are not necessary with this integration.


If you're interested in learning more about our Universal Tag or how Apple’s announcement impacts your affiliate program, reach out to us for next steps.

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