CJ Illuminates GPMA 2023 with Entries Showcasing the Power of Partnership

Oct 27, 2023
Written by CJ

CJ took home three accolades at the 2023 Global Performance Marketing Awards (GPMAs) winning High Commendation for Global Affiliate Network or Saas of the Year, Best Partnership along with The North Face and Blue Light Card, as well as Best Affiliate Programme Launch with the Gym Group. 

The seventh annual GPMAs, hosted by industry thought leader, Hello Partner, showcases the industry’s most innovative and groundbreaking campaigns, companies, and individuals. Winners were announced at the Global Performance Marketing Awards ceremony in London, UK on October 23, 2023.


Global Affiliate Network or Saas of the Year

Highly Commended: CJ—The Win, Win, Win Ecosystem

CJ earned a well-deserved High Commendation for its Global Affiliate Network or SaaS of the Year. CJ's unique approach prioritizes the success of all stakeholders in the affiliate marketing ecosystem, ensuring a win-win-win scenario for publishers, advertisers, and consumers. This accolade recognizes CJ's exceptional solutions that address common industry challenges, from partner discovery and engagement to campaign evaluation. With tools like Recruit Partners and Situational Commissioning, CJ empowers brands, publishers, and agencies to form and optimize partnerships globally.


Best Partnership

Highly Commended: The North Face, Blue Light Card, and CJTransforming Exclusivity into Revenue 

The North Face, a renowned outdoor apparel manufacturer, faced the challenge of offering discounts while maintaining its brand image. CJ, with its cutting-edge technology and extensive publisher network, partnered with The North Face and Blue Light Card, a closed-user group publisher, to provide exclusive discounts and drive revenue growth. CJ's innovative approach, meticulous planning, and strong connections forged through face-to-face meetings and educational resources exemplify their commitment to delivering win-win-win outcomes.


Best Programme Launch

Highly Commended: A Data-Driven Triumph—The Gym Group’s Transformative Journey with CJ 

In September 2022, The Gym Group embarked on a transformative journey by launching a fully managed program with CJ, creating a compelling success story driven by data-driven decision-making. By shifting revenue from the referral channel to the affiliate program, The Gym Group strengthened its revenue stream, gained better control, and attracted new customers. This 12-month test showcased the vast potential of affiliate marketing. The strategic partnership set the stage for success with an optimized tracking experience, tailored promotional strategies, and continuous monitoring of affiliate-generated members' lifetime value. The Gym Group's and CJ's collaborative efforts have transformed the affiliate program into a resounding triumph, ensuring future success in the ever-evolving affiliate marketing landscape.


Cheers to a great night and congrats to all the 2023 GPMA winners!

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