CJ On The Road: BlogHer Annual Conference

Aug 19, 2014
Written by Juliana S.

The BlogHer Annual Conference turned 10 years old this year, and the CJ content team was thrilled to be amongst the 4,000 attendees, engaging with powerful and influential bloggers. The blogging landscape has certainly changed since the first BlogHer conference but the sense of community and passion for story telling that these bloggers exude is definitely just as strong.

CJ was one of 27 exhibitors in the expo hall which provided great exposure and set the team up nicely to educate, recruit and form personal relationships with motivated bloggers. Here are some key learnings from the conference we wanted to share.

  • Change the conversation. The majority of bloggers that approached our booth were familiar with affiliate marketing and hungry to learn how CJ can play a supporting role. Educating bloggers on our new tools: Content Solution, Deep Link Generator, Product Widgets and the new Deep Link Automation was a big priority. Each product conversation elicited joyous and thankful reactions to these time saving affiliate tools.

  • Brand relationships are evolving. Sponsored content, giveaways and product reviews resonate really well with this audience. Bloggers are becoming savvier and looking to explore more creative, long term and profitable options.

  • Bloggers are story tellers first. While the extra money may help to buy groceries, all of the bloggers we met started blogging to tell a story. Some stories are entertaining and others, deeply moving. It is important to remember the power of personal with this audience.

Click here to learn more about CJ's Content Solution. If you are attending CJU, September 9-11, 2014, join our content related session Brand Meets Blog: Working with Bloggers also you can visit The Content team during FinCon in late September!

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