CJ Shortlisted for Two Influencer Marketing Awards in 2022

May 12, 2022
Written by CJ

CJ has been shortlisted for two Influencer Marketing Awards (IMAs) in 2022!

The UK-based awards reward effective, creative, and inclusive collaborations that connect brands with consumers authentically.  CJ’s partnerships with CreatorIQ and Converse have been commended in the shortlist.


CJ's 2022 IMA Shortlist

The Influencer Marketing Awards that CJ has been shortlisted for are:

  • Best Use of Affiliate Marketing - CJ x Converse: Back to School with TikTok
  • Best Influencer Marketing Technology - CJ x CreatorIQ: Two Industry Leaders, One Great Solution

Influencers Driving Marketing Forward

“As the affiliate industry continues to evolve and establish itself as a power player in the marketing world, CJ drives that evolution through both technology and expertise," shares Kelly Merkle, CJ's SVP of Publisher Development. 

"This is highlighted by the shortlist of our partnership with CreatorIQ and creator strategies with TikTok. These examples showcase CJ’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of the affiliate industry for both advertisers and publishers. And ensuring that we are creating new ways to provide consumer value and drive growth."


Read the rest of the IMA shortlist here


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