How to Engage 'Content Publishers' via Email

Sep 16, 2015
Written by Jessica W.

I work with CJ's awesome Content Team, but at heart, I'm a blogger—a blogger who's always excited to start new relationships. That said, like most Content Publishers, my email inbox is stuffed full of press releases, product pitches, and partnership offers. 


I simply don't have time for all that email. So if you want to build a relationship with someone like me, make sure you stand out from the crowd. Read on for my advice on how to get bloggers to open your email…and to read it and reply.

The Right Fit

Blogs are usually overflowing with content ideas and relationship offers. Don't assume that just because you have a fitness product and the blogger writes about fitness that they'll immediately be interested in working with you. Look at their recent content, search for posts that are relevant to your brand, and mention what you've found.

This approach takes more time up front, but it gets you a much higher activation rate—and those who activate will be more likely to create successful content for you.

Subject Line

Almost everything in a blogger's inbox is unsolicited and almost all of it is deleted before it's opened. If this is not a blogger you worked with before, make it clear in the subject line from what brand you're writing and that you're interested in working together.

Subject lines that say "Invite to Join" or "Affiliate Program" are a lot less interesting to a blogger than ones that say the name of their blog and "Partnership" or "Relationship." Also, don't lead with a catchy product hook; they're already getting (and deleting) plenty of those.

Body Copy

Once you begin writing your email, keep it concise. Those press releases tend to prattle on and on, but a short and direct email is more likely to be read instead of deleted immediately.

Tips for Creating Engaging Email Content:

  1. Mention the blogger by name.

  2. State who you are in relation to the brand you're representing.

  3. Let the blogger know why you're interested in working together (this is when you mention the related content you saw on their blog).

  4. Make your offer clear. A blogger is more likely to be interested if you're able to provide product or invest in sponsored content. This is especially helpful if the blogger has never written about your product or brand before, as it helps them get acquainted with it and write more compelling content.

  5. Seasonal tie-ins or limited opportunities are fine, but if you can work together outside of that time frame as well—in case their editorial calendar is full or they've already got 10 "Back to School" posts in their queue—say so.

  6. Avoid focusing too heavily on promotions, coupons, or giveaways unless that's something the blogger does often.

  7. If you haven't heard anything, don't email again a week later. In blogger world, a lack of reply is a "no".

If your message is simple and straightforward, you'll find increased engagement and stronger relationships with content Publishers. Cheers to new mutually beneficial relationships!


Publishers' Note: When Jessica began employment with CJ Affiliate, she signed a contract stipulating no conflict of interest with her personal blogging endeavors, as that is against company policy.

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