Spring Cleaning in CJ: The Home Edit Edition

May 6, 2021
Written by Kat Rymer

Much like spring cleaning, you can declutter, organize, and optimize your CJ account to make it easier to run your program and set yourself up for long-term success.

My team has been bingeing Netflix's newest home transformation reality series, Get Organized with The Home Edit (2020), and it's made us feel really inspired. So inspired, in fact, that we hosted a webinar on the best practices for keeping your affiliate program organized! In this 30-minute webinar from April 8th, we shared the blueprint for how to review your program to keep things running smoothly and ensure it’s attractive to both joined and potential publishers.


If you're looking for a simple to-do list to make sure your account is as fresh as a daisy, this article is for you.



Spring Clean Your CJ Advertiser Account

Here are all of the areas of your CJ account that could use some dusting: 


  • Review your Network Profile
  • Keep Account Users and their preferences up to date
  • Ensure your New Publisher Email is updated and informative
  • Review Program Terms to ensure they are relevant, accurate, and align with both program and business goals
  • Utilize Publisher Groups to stay organized
  • Monitor Subscriptions frequently and always review import results emails
  • Keep your Links library up to date
  • Set a recurring reminder on your calendar to review Order Inquiries monthly

Interested in hearing more? Access a recording of the webinar.

If you’d like more in-depth instructions but don’t have time to check out our webinar, check in with our other favorite go-to organizing guru and learn how to KonMari your CJ account

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