Your Holiday 2019 Resource Guide

Nov 14, 2019
Written by CJ

We may be in the thick of Q4, but it's not too late to glean more insights that could put the finishing touches on your holiday strategy. So we gathered up all the helpful content, wrapped it up with a bow, and set it up under the tree for you to unwrap. Fun, right?

Here are the top pieces of holiday content just waiting to be discovered:

2019 Holiday Intelligence Report

Looking for robust insights to refine your affiliate strategy for Q4? Look no further than the 2019 Holiday Intelligence Report! Every year, CJ's Director of Strategic Insights, Sandrine Thompson, dives deep into CJ network data from the prior holiday season to create an easily digestible snapshot of trends and key takeaways that will impact this season—and this edition of the report boasts our first-ever online, interactive format. Explore key holiday trends, seasonal KPIs and insights, early season promotions, and a plan for how to take action in 2019.

2018 Holiday Performance Benchmarks Report

Released in Q1 of this year immediately following last year's holiday rush, the 2018 Holiday Performance Benchmarks Report takes a look at 2017 and 2018 data and can give you a good idea of the benchmarks you'll want to beat to be higher than network average.

2019 Holiday Calendar: Must-Know Dates & Strategies

Cyber weekend. Green Monday. Marketers have learned to squeeze every last drop out of the shopping days during gifting season. Keep up with all of the important dates with our article, 2019 Holiday Calendar: Must-Know Dates & Strategies, which also includes the last ship dates for FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Get Q4 Ready in 3 Simple Steps

Are you using all of CJ's tools and solutions to your advantage this season? Read our recent article, Get Q4 Ready in 3 Simple Steps, for a breakdown of the features you should be using (including the brand new Insights Performance Dashboard) to get your affiliate program in tip top shape.

How to Plan and Execute a Successful Q4 Strategy

Looking for practical advice for planning and executing a winning holiday strategy? Read our series How to Plan a Successful Q4 Strategy and How to Execute a Successful Q4 Strategy for everything you need to know.

Leverage These 3 Megatrends to Ensure a Slam-Dunk Holiday Season

Curious about the larger trends that are driving consumers to make a purchase? Strategic insights guru, Sandrine Thompson, expands on her CJU19 Session, The Consumer Megatrends Shaping Holiday 2019, (watch the video of her session here) in this piece she penned for Internet Retailer and gives helpful examples of how to harness these trends for Holiday 2019.


Here's to fruitful holiday season!

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