Accelerate Your Partner Discovery

Dec 1, 2021
Written by CJ

CJ is home to thousands of prospective partners, so we have a duty to make the important matchmaking piece of program management both efficient and effective. We facilitate discovery—freeing up valuable time and energy for our clients to make the real magic happen.

In this session from CJU21, learn about the evolving and unique opportunities affiliate marketing is creating for brands and retailers and how CJ’s newest technology, Recruit Partners, makes it easier to discover your next big partnership. This session also explores the advantages of working with a diverse range of publishers and how they contribute to long-term brand growth while driving significant benefits in customer value and ROI.

In this video: Kelly Merkel, SVP, Publisher Development at CJ, and Aruna Bhagtani, VP, Product Development at CJ

This session was broadcast live at CJU Virtual Connect on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. To learn more about CJU, visit,

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