How to Create an Attractive Program Description

Jun 13, 2017
Written by Jennifer M.

The CJ Affiliate network is an expansive eco-system of advertisers and publishers that is constantly growing, offering both parties countless opportunities for partnership. While this “network effect” is a clear benefit for everyone, it can also leave brands wondering how to grab the attention of prospective affiliate partners.

Fortunately, every advertiser has the ability to spotlight their best qualities via their Program Descriptions, which can often be your brand’s first (and last) impression for an affiliate. To help you achieve this, below are a few tips on how to master the art of creating a highly attractive program description.

Know Your Audience

When developing your Program Description, keep in mind that you are speaking to affiliates (who you can think of as an extension of your sales team). Their motivations will differ from those of your customers—so cater your messaging to those motivations. For example, rather than highlighting your easy and free return shipping, call out your program’s high conversion rates, as this will be much more enticing from an affiliate’s perspective.

Play up the Benefits (and Differentiators)

Your Program Description is your opportunity to brag—so don’t be shy! Tell affiliates why your program is the best and most worthy of being promoted. Here are a few benefits that appeal to affiliates due to their earning and relationship potential:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Order Value
  • Commission Rate
  • Cookie Duration
  • Performance Incentives for Top Performers
  • Cross-Device Enabled
  • Mobile/Content Certification
  • Exclusive Affiliate Promotions
  • Dedicated Affiliate Team
  • Regularly Updated Links/Creative/Product Catalog

Also, be sure to call out anything that sets you apart from other brands, particularly those in your category or vertical. Are you the market leader in your industry? Do you offer exclusive brands or products that no other advertiser carries? Use the opportunity to highlight your uniqueness and value proposition.

**TIP: Want to stand out even more? For a small fee, you can add a logo to your listing to help you get noticed during publishers’ searches. Check out the Program Settings section on the Network Profile page in your account to learn more.

Update as You Evolve

As a final word of advice, be sure to remember that your Program Description should change along with your program. A misstep that advertisers commonly make is adopting a “set-it-and-forget-it” attitude with their Program Descriptions, leading to outdated information for new affiliates. Make a habit of double-checking your Program Description once a quarter to ensure that it still aligns with the current state of your program.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will make a great first impression to your prospective partners!

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