On Instagram Closing Their Affiliate Program & Why CJ’s the Perfect Fit

Aug 11, 2022
Written by CJ

With powerful tracking capabilities, deep data, tools, and easy payment and invoicing, CJ and influencers make the perfect pair. With our innovative platform and unparalleled access to top brands, we present an ideal way for creators to cultivate an always-on relationship with the brands they love and monetize the products they regularly recommend.

Instagram’s Brief Affiliate Experiment

Instagram caught on to the idea of affiliate in June 2021, announcing during their first-ever Creator Week that they’d begin testing a native affiliate tool, allowing creators to share affiliate links for available brands directly through the app. Official testing rolled out to a group of creators in July 2021 and now, just a little over a year later, Instagram has announced that they will be eliminating their affiliate commerce program on August 31, 2022, to shift focus to their Creator Marketplace.

According to Digiday, who spoke with several creator industry executives about the impending shutdown, the decision was driven by a lack of adoption from creators spurred by many different issues—ease of use, brand partner, and product availability (brands had to be willing to create and run a separate affiliate program through Instagram), as well as the idea that creators were already seeing success through affiliate networks like CJ. “If you’re already doing affiliate programs and are successful, what is the net gain [of participating in Instagram’s affiliate program]?” said one industry executive.

For creators that participated in Instagram’s Affiliate Commerce Program, this may not feel like the most welcome news, but the good news for all creators is that affiliate marketing is thriving, and long-term success is very attainable through CJ. Let’s get into all the details!


The Network of Choice for Influencers and Content Creators

For more than a decade, CJ has cultivated an environment where content creators are empowered, confident, and supported—and best yet, they see real results. From education to opportunities to intuitive technology, we’ve set influencers and content partners up for success, laying the groundwork to make your dream partnerships a reality.

Direct Access to More Brands

As a CJ publisher, you get direct access to an incredible variety of 4,000+ top global brands. Direct access is key because it means you have the potential to build a real relationship with the brand’s team and their CJ reps. Reach out! Pitch your ideas! Negotiate! The world is your oyster.

Tools that Fit Your Workflow

Quickly generate affiliate links for products or category pages directly from your browser with our fan-favorite Deep Link Generator bookmarklet tool (available on both desktop and mobile). You can also share your sponsored opportunities or rate card with brands in the Placements Marketplace and create product slideshows, collages, and grids with Product Widgets.

A Platform that Showcases Your Value

Feel confident knowing that CJ brands have a full picture of your reach across your social and web presence. We’ve joined forces with award-winning enterprise influencer marketing platform, CreatorIQ, and web analytics platform, SimilarWeb, to pull real-time metrics like social reach, social engagement, and website metrics directly into the CJ platform.

All the Data at Your Fingertips

Our advanced reporting and insights allow you to gain a view into how the products, brands, and links you promote are resonating with your audience in real time, allowing you to make data-driven decisions about what you share and how. CJ publishers have access to the same data as advertisers, which leads to better decisions and even stronger partnerships.

Exclusive Benefits for Qualified Creators

CJ’s Content Certified Program makes it easier than ever to connect with the CJ brands that are serious about content. Creators in this program are pre-approved for premium commission rates from top brands, receive education and support from CJ experts, and get high consideration for sponsored campaigns.

A Team That Actually Gets Content

CJ’s highly-tenured team dedicated to influencers, content creators, and media develops and runs first-to-market solutions like our Content Certified Program and VIP Influencer Campaigns, and spearheads celebrated content workflow tools like the Deep Link Generator.

Opportunities for Sponsored Campaigns

We have years of experience creating and executing highly individualized VIP Influencer Campaigns for boutique brands, established names, and everything in between—crafting creative content campaigns that align with both brand goals and your goals.


“I've been with CJ for 8+ years and they are an integral part of monetizing my business. CJ provides easy affiliate partnerships with top-tier, trusted brands which I've used to create passive revenue streams. As a member of their Content Certified Network with access to their VIP Campaign Service, I get to work with the brands I love on sponsored content that also drives passive affiliate revenue down the line.”

- Jeremy Scott Foster, Founding Editor, @TravelFreak |


“CJ really helped me step into the world of sponsored campaigns that took my brand to the next level. They consistently provide great partnerships with some of my dream brands, as well as opportunities to establish more personal relationships that have resulted in long-term partnerships. The thing that I love most about CJ is that their team takes the time to get to know me and find partnerships that fit. They also take the time to educate us as content creators and listen to feedback from bloggers.”

- Merrick White, Owner, @MerricksArt |


Join CJ Today to Make Your Dream Partnerships a Reality

Whether you’re looking to earn long-term, residual income from your favorite brands or want more opportunities for sponsored content, CJ offers an easy-to-use, supportive solution with tools and dedicated experts that help set you up for lasting success.

If you’re not already joined to the CJ network, join today for free! Once you've created your CJ publisher account, eligible creators can apply to join our Content Certified Program for even more benefits.

Deep Link Generator

The Deep Link Generator allows publishers to create affiliate deep links directly from any page within an advertiser's website. Deep linking allows publishers to take the user directly to any desired page, including product or category pages. This improves user experience and increases the chance of an action being completed and commission earned. All links can be searched and filtered to quickly find available deep links.

Content Certified Program

The Content Certified program jumpstarts relationships between pre-qualified content publishers and category-specific advertisers looking to expand their brands within quality environments.

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