Streamline Your Data Transfer Process with These New Enhancements

Apr 26, 2023
Written by CJ

While we’re always working to develop new groundbreaking tech, we also recognize the importance of perfecting our existing tools by making enhancements to legacy features.

You asked and we listened! Your feedback led to two improvements to our data transfer process that’ll save time and make your life easier:


1. CJ’s Integrated Web Upload

Our new Web Upload feature gives advertisers the option to securely upload data files directly in the CJ platform—no need to download or transfer data through a third-party FTP client!

Located within the Account > Admin > Subscriptions tab, you can now submit data files up to 100 MB for any subscription through the CJ interface—including corrections, extensions, action data, and concluded action files. Web Upload supports a wide range of file formats (XML, CSV, TXT, and compressed or encrypted file types).

Simply format your data file as you normally would, navigate to the Subscriptions tab, click the “upload file” button and select your file. File upload validation lets you know in an instant if your upload was a success, and if not, what needs to be fixed. Data submitted via Web Upload will undergo the same review process as our existing transfer methods. And don’t worry—you’ll still receive a confirmation and results email. It’s as easy as click, drop, boom!  

If you’re an advertiser that currently imports files via email, we highly encourage you to give Web Upload a try.


2. Enhanced Data Processing: Trailing Commas

Have you ever had a data file rejected due to trailing commas? (IYKYK).

We couldn’t be more excited to share that our internal processing system has been enhanced to accept these files! No more extra steps to remove commas prior to submitting data to CJ. Look at you with that streamlined workflow! 😎


Cheers to time spent wisely—we hope these enhancements make your data transfer dreams come true!

Topics: Innovation
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