The Era of Authenticity for Brands

Apr 12, 2023
Written by Jon Thollander

In today's consumer landscape, establishing trust is crucial for brands.

This article was originally featured in the Publicis Commerce 2023 Shoptalk Trend Report.

Consumers demand genuine interactions across all channels, particularly with the growing #deinfluencing movement and focus on authenticity. To build trust, brands must communicate through authentic messaging, maintain a consistent presence, and leverage diverse messengers—especially as Gen Z gains market share and purchasing power. By utilizing technology and partnerships, brands can engage with consumers at every step of their journey and foster genuine connections. This approach leads to long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

By following these actionable takeaways, brands can successfully navigate the evolving consumer landscape and build meaningful connections with their customers:


Authentic Messaging

Effective communication is critical to move customers quickly through the sales funnel. To achieve this, businesses need to communicate with customers in an authentic and genuine manner, tailored to where they are in the purchase path. While being present on popular platforms like TikTok is crucial, it's equally important to build trust with consumers to avoid seeming disingenuous. A successful approach is to prioritize omnichannel engagement, focusing on the consumer's needs instead of individual channels. This way, businesses can establish trust and build meaningful connections with their customers.


Consistent Presence

Maintaining a consistent presence across multiple platforms is crucial for brands to remain top-of-mind with consumers. With the rise of gaming platforms and shoppable TV, converting customers has become easier than ever. By expanding brand presence on new platforms and adopting an "always on" approach, brands can establish a familiar and recognizable image in the minds of consumers. As the consumer landscape continues to evolve, the role of the CMO is shifting towards becoming a "chief omnichannel officer" who oversees innovative strategies that meet consumers where they are. This approach ensures that brands can keep up with changing consumer behaviors and preferences while maintaining a consistent presence across various channels.


Diverse Messengers

Incorporating a diverse group of influencers into your marketing program can bring numerous benefits to your brand. Working with a variety of influencers helps to reach a broader and more diverse audience, including people of different age groups, ethnicities, genders, and interests. This approach can also help you tap into new markets and build a more inclusive brand image. Brands should also avoid being heavy-handed in content moderation when working with social and influencer partners, instead being diligent in sharing information about all the different ways consumers can interact with the brand. This approach ensures that the influencer's voice and authenticity remain intact, while still communicating important information about the brand to their followers.



Brand authenticity was a big topic at Shoptalk 2023. Looking for more insights from the event? Check out the Publicis Commerce 2023 Shoptalk Trend Report for more insights from thought leaders across Publicis Groupe.

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