The Tech You Should Be Using to Maximize Your Affiliate Program

Oct 19, 2021
Written by Jennifer Burnett

Preparation is the foundation for success, especially heading into the Q4 shopping season. 

In this article, we’ll tap into CJ tech, tools, and solutions that create efficient, effective, and seamless opportunities for both advertisers and publishers throughout the Q4 shopping season. From partnership discovery and making the most out of your relationships, to analyzing performance—we've got you covered.


Set Yourself Up for Success

Publishers: We make it easy for new publishers to join and get discovered through our guided onboarding experience. Be sure to keep complete and accurate information about your Promotional Properties and promotional methods to best describe the value you offer brands. Long-time partners should also be sure to leverage Promotional Properties to build a robust searchable and relevant Network Profile to showcase who you are, what you do, and the opportunities you offer. Have an active social following across a variety of platforms? Just launched a mobile app or browser extension? Let advertisers know via your Promotional Properties.

Action: Advertise the wealth of opportunity you offer brands by updating your Promotional Property information through the CJ Account Manager or via our Promotional Properties API. Head to Accounts > Websites to make updates to keep your Promotional Properties current and relevant.

Advertisers: Want to keep pace with consumer buying trends as we enter the busy season? Interested in sharing top-performing product data with your partners? Make sure your product feeds are accurate and up to date so publishers have full and accurate details about the products you sell, including availability and price information. CJ’s Shopping Feed is standardized and organized to help publishers easily curate their properties with current product-level data. Product Performance data is available on-demand for advertisers and publishers through our Insights performance dashboards.

Action: Make sure your product feed is complete and up to date so you and your publishers can keep a pulse on consumer buying trends as we move deeper into Q4.


Make the Right Connections

Advertisers: Leverage our overhauled Recruit Partners UI to tap into the breadth of potential partnerships available through the CJ network. Customize the search results using a number of features and filters:

  • Find Publishers Converting by Geo-Location: If you’re a brand looking to gain shoppers for Singles’ Day, for example, you can use this filter to find new publishers with audiences in APAC where Singles’ Day is incredibly popular.
  • Keyword Search: Find micro-influencers, niche content creators, and other highly relevant partners based on the inputs you select.
  • CJ Spotlight: Leverage CJ Publisher Development expertise to vet high-potential new-to-network partners. Simply select and apply the CJ Spotlight badge to see a steady stream of up-and-comers ready to form new partnerships.

Action: Recruit new partners now! Remember—recruitment is essential for sustained, long-term growth! Now is the time to form new partnerships using our smart and refreshed matchmaking tech, available to all CJ advertisers.


Maximize Social Reach, Meet New Customers

CJ now has in-platform social media metrics powered by our partnership with CreatorIQ.

Publishers: All publishers, from content creators to coupon sites—even those new to the CJ Network—can now feel confident knowing that CJ brands have a full picture of their reach across social media platforms. Make the most of this new feature and ensure that you look your best for prospective advertisers by registering all of your social handles.

Action: Register all of your social handles under your Promotional Properties to maximize discoverability by brands looking to scale social campaigns during the holidays.


Advertisers: Advertisers can easily understand the full value of potential social partners without guesswork—no more jumping down a Google rabbit hole to find optimal partners or using third-party tools to evaluate publishers’ social media presence. Your CJ account gives you direct access to a data-backed, intuitive process for inviting publishers with social media followers into your affiliate program.

Action: Visit Recruit Partners. Filter by Property Type > Social, select the platforms and audience size you’re looking for, hit Apply. The results will help you identify potential partners to help you scale your Q4 Social strategy.


Amplify Discovery and Engagement with Placements & Media Opportunities

Publishers: The Placements Marketplace is a simple way for publishers to share rate cards or media kits with advertisers across the CJ network. Spark new relationships by uploading or searching for opportunities in the Placements Marketplace.

Look for new advertisers and get details about joined and non-joined advertisers via our Advertiser Lookup API.


Scale with Tools that Make Life Easy

Advertisers: Set commission rates to reward publishers for what’s valuable to your business.

CJ’s dynamic commissioning solution, Situational Commissioning, allows advertisers to create commissioning scenarios that reward publishers based on a wide range of high-value order attribute combinations, such as customer status, promotion type, and customer location. Customize commission structures on a partner and promotional property basis to reward and measure the effectiveness of your strategies.

Publishers: Promote products with ease via tools that save time and allow you to easily create even more tracking links for advertiser programs.

Find a variety of links matching your desired criteria across all advertisers by using our Link Search API.

Our state-of-the-art Product Search API helps publishers easily enrich site content for the most optimal consumer experience, discover new products that align with promotional style and content, and improve organic search rankings—with standardized data and ultimate flexibility.

Our Deep Link Generator tool allows publishers to generate deep links without having to log into the CJ Account Manager. Exciting updates to this tool went live in 2020, showcasing a new look and feel, mobile access, and more. Our Deep Link Automation feature enables a simple script to be added to publishers’ sites to automatically monetize all links to advertiser pages.


Transparency is Key: Analyze Performance Along the Way

Advertisers and Publishers: Gain insights on demand and tap into the power of CJ’s data science team with our intuitively designed and customizable period-over-period program analysis and customer journey data in Insights—available to all advertisers and publishers.

Analyze performance and transaction data in platform or via our comprehensive APIs by the metrics that matter: device and browser type, product category, audience location, coupon/promo code, and Situational Commissioning scenarios.

Our state-of-the-art Commission Detail API has all of the rich transaction-level data you’re looking for in a flexible GraphQL format.

Visit our Developer Portal for information about our APIs and Data Transfer options.


CJ has the tech to streamline even the busiest Q4 season—make sure you’re taking advantage of all of our product offerings designed to let you focus on what matters most: growth.

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